Transparency needs option to use PNG alpha


(Manuhart) #1

This is a feature request to enable use of PNG alpha channel for transparency.This would remove the need of uploading a redundant image file. Currently it looks like seperate RGB or greyscale is supported only.

(Shaderbytes) #2

png alpha is supported , I use it all the time :slight_smile: For example a baked floor shadow. I use the same png for the diffuse and the transparency.

(Manuhart) #3

Then I must ask how I can make use of this feature because I seem to cannot get it to work.

(Shaderbytes) #4

I dont know why you say you cant get it to work? There is no special workflow required. Just assign the png texture to the texture slot of the transparency channel. If you are already doing this then perhaps double check the import settings of the texture although this is normally automatic. If you are still having issuess make some screenshots or a video of what you are doing and share it so we can see.

(Manuhart) #5

Case solved. This was a problem with Photoshop due to its inferior handling of alpha channels. To make it really work I needed a free plug-in called SuperPNG.

(Overevolve) #6

I used to use Photoshop and Cinema 4D for all of my texturing and 3D modeling needs, and few years back started to switch to all open source alternatives (GIMP and Blender), and so far have no issues other than having to deal with the learning curve. I actually think that I have even less issues now that I have stopped using PS and C4D entirely. The support community is huge, and the best part is that almost every one of my questions is already answered.

For reference, I used GIMP's standard PNG output settings to practice texturing the transparent features on this animated test scene I recently put together in Blender: