Transparency problem when applying to the model

I am trying to export the FBX 3d model with no any texture, and upload to Sketchfab. (Using Rhino3D to export)

When I apply the glass texture to the model, it will make my model been like a white color glass, and it is fully transparent, even I set a very low percentage of opacity.

And my final goal is to be like below. It looks like a grid pattern in the model. Is there any method to do that when export the model?

Hi, welcome to the forum.

I am a bit confused as to what you mean by exporting, but to get the transparency effect you see in the 2nd picture you can use standard or thin layered dithered opacity in the material settings in sketchfab.

If you want to control the color/tint of the material then choose a color on the materials diffuse or emission.

None of these sketchfab settings will export to other 3d tools