Transparent object with visible internal parts


(Kurt Drubbel) #1

Hi all,

I need to upload a model of a liver with it's outer shell being slighly transparant so you can see the internal veins.
I am using the 3ds max exporter but seem to encounter several roadblocks.

I seem to have only one material so if i drop the opacity in the sf editor the 'entire' model becomes transparant.
Next to that it seems the internal parts have vanished so the liver is empty.

Is there a way to overcome these ?
Cheers, Kurt

(Mauricesvay) #2

If you want to have only a part of your model to be transparent, you need to assign this part a different material. You will then be able to change the transparency of this material only.

(Kurt Drubbel) #3

Hi @mauricesvay ,

In max i have many different materials that get baked into one.
Is there a way i could have the exporter bake 2 separate materials ?

Cheers, Kurt

(Klaasnienhuis) #4

@fos4, when using the texturebaking option in the 3dsMax exporter, there's no possibility to separate parts of the model.


Workarounds have been discussed here:

(Kurt Drubbel) #6

Thanks for the feedback guys.
No time to go through complex things, read everyones advice and try many different things.
I will have to redo this model a lot for my client so i need a simple workflow.

Is there a simple way for me to upload my liver model and maybe redo the materials using Sketchfab shaders ?
That might do the trick for me.


As long as you have uniquely named materials in the scene, you can use Sketchfab's native material editor to set up what you need.

(Kurt Drubbel) #8

Thank you James, will try that primo pronto !
Cheers, Kurt