Transparent .png question

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Is there any way to get the transparent portion of .png to display as transparent, rather than black? This tree model looks great in SU, but like this on SF:



Yep, you just need to change your transparency settings:

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Thank you very much!

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Another question... I've made a test model with multiple identical trees. I've set the transparency of the leaves using alpha blending and I get a strange effect of foreground trees appearing transparent and blocks of leaves "toggling" from visible to invisible, as I move them in front of those behind. Changing the setting to alpha masking seems to eliminate this unrealistic effect, but it also makes the trees look quite a bit darker and the leaves less realistic, texture wise. Any settings, or workarounds that will clear up both issues?

Here's the model:

addendum: I've also just noticed that I can't seem to turn transparency on or off anymore on this model (or affect any of the other texture settings...) for some reason... hmm?


You're seeing draw-order problems because of the way we render transparent meshes. Quick fix is to switch to alpha masking and turn up the threshold:

Not sure why you wouldn't be able to change settings. Are you sure you selected the right material from the drop-down?

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If you choose the alpha masking solution, you should probably set it to bilinear filtering.