Transperancy Problems

Uploaded a New Model today and noticed that Transparencies aren’t working as they should. They are transparent with the background but not the geometry behind it. Thought it was how I prepared my model I uploaded today, but looked at previous models Ive done and they are doing the same thing. Any Ideas.



I experienced this problem, too.

Beat by ProjectOL on Sketchfab

Our characters’ hair is kind of messed up this way.
I can only solve this by using a mask, which doesn’t look nearly as smooth as using alpha-blending (in case of fur/hair).
I noticed this problem in a lot of graphic engines, and I was really glad that Sketchfab didn’t have it.
It must have happened during the most recent update.

I hope you can resolve this issue, as hairy things don’t look as good with masks…


Thanks for the report !

We know the issue and it has been fixed, we’ll ping you back when the fix is live.

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And… the fix is live.