Trapped inside the Game

Decided to upload a small animation. This is part of a bigger project of mine, and the final Result can be seen on my Deviantart profile:

And here is the animated result on Sketchfab:

Trapped inside the Game( DO NOT MOVE CAMERA!!) by TheLastAirblender on Sketchfab

Dont move camera during animation

The Gamepart was entirely modeled in Magicavoxel, then ported to blender for the Animation.
I played a lot of Super Mario as a kid, and I thought that this was the easiest to translate and animate in 3d. I also like the pixelartstyle, for which magicavoxel works great.Background and concept was done in Krita.

I had this idea a looooonnnggg time ago, but it needed to be fleshed out and I had this kind of artist block where I just couldn’t think of how to make the scene, where does it take place?
A lot of Inspiration came from this artist David Revoy, who made a fairly known webcomic called Pepper and carrot, which I absolutely love, if anyone is interested :heart_eyes_cat:. After a lot of research, I felt that a cave would be ideal.

Rendering the whole thing as animation was taking too long, which is why the final result is a still
picture. For correct display on sketchfab, I had to do some tweaks. Camera animation is impossible to do, so I had to resort to a method someone posted in the forum a few years ago:
If you cant move the camera, you have to move the world :wink:. Which works great on a close up without breaking the illusion. It was quite tricky, but thankfully blender has a few tricks to make this somewhat easier.Example: to move the ground, i just had to copy the characters y and z axis movement in reverse using a contraint, then bake the whole thing.Afterwards I deleted the characters keyframes for y and z-axis movement and thats it. The hat was tricky on the other hand because of parenting issues that needed to be resolved.

The whole project took me about 1-2 months.

Dont be shy to ask questions or post constructive feedbacks