Triangle count please instead of faces

(Artur Magomedov) #1

Dear developers! show triangles count please instead of faces? in UI you have a triangle icon but faces count


But what about people who use quads and n-Gons? :slight_smile:

(theStoff) #3

Maybe there could be an option? I do feel tri count is more universal though.


Maybe I'm missing something here, are you just concerned about the word "Faces" ?

(Artur Magomedov) #5

not only the word ) the actual tris count is different from faces count, exported cube has 6 faces and 12 tris, and i would like to see tris and faces count.

(Artur Magomedov) #6

option to show tris or faces is a good idea!

(Artur Magomedov) #7

maya and blender shows tris and faces count together, it makes me happy ))