Trigger Animation or Transform using Annotations


(Studioxygene) #1


Using the help of super :sunglasses: users around the API forum I made a simple Annotation Trigger which you can try here :

At the moment you may use the Annotations 3 and 4.
This litlle trigger will be used to improve the gameplay of our Sketchfab VR Game (also WIP) :

Problems time : :confused:

  • The trigger works in the normal viewer mode, but using a phone it won't. :scream:
  • In VR mode it doesn't work as well and the annotations are a bit weird. When you aim at one, it will create a black floating window about 1m from the annotation node. Also it doesn't display the text. And then if you click/touch this window it will teleport you in front of it, the trigger still doesn't work. :cry:

Questions time : :smile_cat:

  • Is it possible to make it work in VR mode ?