Trigger help overlay from api call or event

Evening all

Is it possible to trigger the help overlay using the Viewer API or programmatically? I’d like to be able to toggle it on and off with a custom HTML/JS UI button.

Haven’t had any luck linking to classname ‘help’, so any pointers much appreciated.


There isn’t any binding in viewer api that triggers the “help” overlay.
I’m curious of the usecase ?
why not letting user be able to call it themself using in frame help icon ?

Hi Paul

Thanks for the reply.

It’s because I’ve covered it up! :roll_eyes:

I want to move it to the left panel. Is there a keyboard shortcut that could be simulated with a button click?

Best regards

@paul_sketch Any hope of getting this to work? I realise I’ve created this issue for myself, but isn’t the point and the fun of the Viewer API to be able to customise the UI?

Any sneaky work-arounds or ideas would be much appreciated!

There is no workaround in current situation, as it’s first time we got that feature request.
Meanwhile only idea I see would be to shorten “Right Panel” height by the size of the skfb icons bar.

Thanks Paul. I’ll add a feature request :wink: