Tron 1982 | Light Cycle battle

(Jvouillon) #1

Hi everyone. Tron (1982) is an iconic movie for me. First - or one of the very first - movie to have CGI, Tron was also a kind of VR experience at that time. My entry will be also a - modest - hommage to Syd Mead, whose designs are still great sources of inspiration.

So, let's start! :smile:

(Jvouillon) #2

And now the Recognizer... Took some liberties with the design.

(Jvouillon) #3

And the Light Tank... A kind of mix between the model from the movie and the sketches found in the book "Oblagon".


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Thanks for joining us on your first contest! This is going to be awesome, inherently fits in with the whole 3D feel.

(Jvouillon) #5

And now, the Carrier. Again, I took some liberties with the initial design...

(Jvouillon) #6

Now, a test with the Arena:

The idea was to take advantage of the VR viewer, unfortunately the grid from the viewer and the editor are not oriented the same way...

BTW, there is an easter egg... :slight_smile:

(Jvouillon) #7

Putting things together... Be prepared to enter the Grid! :wink:

(Jvouillon) #8

Done! I could spend one more week adding details and gags, but I prefer to stop there! :relaxed:

Better to be explored in VR. BTW, the recognizers offer nice point of view! :wink:

(Ndrakey) #9

I love it! But i personally dont like hard edges! Why didnt you chamfer them ?
Think it would give the whole scene more realism!

Great Work btw!

(Jvouillon) #10

Thanks ndrakey! I'm glad you like it. You are right about the edges, but I wanted to stay close from the design of the original movie. Also, in VR, you can "teleport" yourself on the bevels and I didn't want people to escape too easily from the labyrinth! :wink: