TRON Legacy - Flynn's Digital Zen Den


(Nathanthorin) #1

I'll be working on the scene from TRON Legacy where Sam meets his father for the first time. I'm calling this, Flynn's Digital Zen Den. It overlooks the entire main hub of the Grid. It incorporates both post modern, and antique baroque styles. I wouldn't mind living here, so lets build it in VR!

(Not certain what style yet, I might go with an anime/cell-shaded kind of look.)

~Nathan Thorin


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The coloring is going to be so cool, have fun!

(Nathanthorin) #3

Unfortunately due to work load, and a family emergency this past couple of weeks, I don't think I'll be able to get this in before deadline. It's gotten me started on modeling this scene that I've wanted to experience in VR though, and I'm going to keep working on this to completion.

I'm really enjoying what I'm seeing in this contest, it's been very inspiring! I'm also really liking SketchFab so far. I'll post my final work to SketchFab when it is complete, and also my website

Thanks for the inspiration!

Nathan Thorin