Trouble orientating model

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Hi there

I am new to Sketchfab, sorry if these are simple questions but I'm having some trouble orientating my model. The model was created using 3D laser scanning and 3DReshaper software.

  1. First problem is that my model is facing the wrong way. I saw from one of the other conversations that the x value should be changed to 90, I changed that and now the model is 'up', but it is facing the wrong way and I have tried to change the other y and z values and can't seem to get it facing front.
  2. Also, is there a way to set the center point so that it rotates around the center of the model?

Here is the link to my model:



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Hi Michelle,

the model orientation tool is currently a bit limited as you can only orientate it around one axis and in 90 degree increments. We're working on a better solution for that. There's also no tool to change the pivot point.

I'd recommend you load your model into a 3D application, or MeshLab, fix the issues there and then re-upload your model to Sketchfab.

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Thanks Bart

I will try fix those issues in 3DReshaper then upload again. I have never used Meshlab so I will try that too out of interest.

Thanks again smile

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Would be great even if sketchfab could implement a 45' angle rotation rather than 90', its a small change but I it would have solved some issues Ive had this week (and im guessing im not alone...hopefully)....

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Have you tried the 'Show advanced rotation'? Sketchfab have added this tool so that you can then rotate the model freely, I have found this very useful! :slight_smile:

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Here's more information on the 'advanced rotation' feature:

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ok, thanks a lot. I will check it out now!

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