Trouble uploading 3d max model

Hello friends. First my apologies because my English is not very good.
My problem is that when I upload a model with max exporter 3DE always gives me error. I have tried in many ways I have even reduced objects scene to one with a texture made with unwrap modifier and also gives me error. But if I create a new one, for example two objects and put a textura if I can uploading. I don´t understand nothing.If anyone can help me I would appreciate because it is a job oara college and I have to deliver this week. Thank you

Hi there and no worries! :slight_smile:
Can you tell us the exact error you get? Sometimes max tells you errors like “dynamic gradients can’t be exported” which aren’t much of a problem actually.
And do you use manual upload or the Sketchfab 3ds max plugin?

Hi friend. I’m sorry, but I could not answer before. The problem I have is that using the exporter pluguin 3d max, because I´m doing some tests, sometimes when I want upload my model, the program gives me an error and Ican´t do it. I’ve noticed that if I open a new document e import my model to the new scene, I can upload my model without problem. I don´t know why this, but so I have solving the problem.

Now I have a new problem about resolutions, because I have finished the model, the texture have a resolution of 2048 px (resolution when I saved my texture after to use the modifier unwrap uvw in 3d max) and my model is not very good when I see it in sketchfab.
When I rendering one texture with the program 3d max, the texture is ok, but in the viewport of sketchfab is not good. I don´t know this happens. I you can help me, I would appreciate it

Hey friend,
If it is possible kindly upload any screen shot, so we came to know the exact problem. Use 3D max plugin, it will make your job easier.

Hi friend,
It´s really sorry. Here you are my model, and I use 3D max pluguin.
Thank you very much

Hi @seguradojesus,

The 3dsmax exporter has an option to bake lighting (under the tab “Light, bake, uvw”). It it’s enabled with the second option “Auto unwrap objects”, the exporter will perform a new unwrap on the whole scene, defined by the folowing “Density” parameter.

I suspect that these options are enabled so the exporter performs a new unwrap, with parameters that makes the output with lower quality textures.

Could you try again after having checked that these options are disabled ? It should fix your issue :slight_smile:

I would also be interested by any screenshot or messages about the errors you mentionned, so that we can investigate and spot potential issues :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!