Truebones Suffers Sketchfab Attacks



Hello fellow Sketchfabians…

My Name is [personal information removed] and I have suffered several unfounded attacks on my Sketchfab from over 3 different people. The Names of these people are [REMOVED - Bart]

Here are the Harassing Movies they created and say that TRUEBONES stole all his motions, characters on sketch fab and is now reselling PIRATED content and (correction vid)

And then WUGUN publishes this video this morning, an extention of Sundays attack against Truebones, In this video Alvin puports that everything from Truebones and Makeamo is Stolen, then he posted attacks in the Unity Forum here… Claiming I posted his Name, Address and Phone number (which I did not) which resulted in a banning of the user name Makeamo… Then he posts this in the Mixamo forum

I think someone needs to reach out to this individual and set the record straight regarding Usage Rights (TOS) and How its against the law to STALK, Harass and persecute someone under threat. I am also contacting the FEDERAL authorities regarding this matter.

And I have made several Movies and Videos exposing the stalkers and Pirates of Truebones motions

HELP, WHAT CAN I DO NOW? How do I have the offensive materials removed from the Unity forum? How do I get reinstated with the Unity3D forum?

(Bart) #2


please don't take your fight from the Unity forum to Sketchfab. We have nothing to do with this, you need to discuss this elsewhere.



No Look at the movies to see how they used Skecthfab to attack me!

(Bart) #4

Yes, if he is correct it is - you are only allowed to upload material that you hold the copyright to on Sketchfab - check our terms.

I've already emailed you about that, I'm not going to discuss it here.


Bart, No, Thats not what he implied...

He implied that I stole everything on the planet and is reselling the content and or redistributing using sketchfab. (when its him who is the actual pirate using Pirated Truebones content)

I always make sure that I find out first who the copyright holder is, if there is no copyright holder, then what?

This is simply a matter of ownership 100%

Whoever owns the copyrights owns the models.

You cant go around making false claims on someone else behalf that someone is stealing someone elses copyright. Thats called Harrasment and Stalking..

And thats a mess that YOU and SKETCHFAB has helped create, So what are you going to do now, Answer the honest questions or Ban me and lock the thread?


(Bart) #6

What he posts on YouTube is not our responsibility, even if he includes a screen-capture of our site. You need to handle this with him, not with us.

We're waiting for a reaction from several parties to understand if you are allowed to use their content in the way you do. If you're not, we'll send you a DMCA takedown notice for those models.



Yes it is, Hes using your name to destroy my Business, Reputation and Integrity.

Believe me I know all about the ways that the content can be used, because I DID MY HOMEWORK first. Ive read the Autodesk TOS and the Adobe Mixamo TOS, thoroughly and heres what the deal is...

AUTODESK characters created with autodesk character generator are 100% royalty free, even for resale, 0 restrictions see this link.

it simply states The content you create from the service is yours to do as you please, including commercial use. As mentioned in the post from a couple of years ago (Free or premium content alike). The reference to "DNA" of the file is more so specific that you are not allowed to re-distritribute or link to the underlying parts that make up the service; generally speaking nobody should have direct access to that outside of the Character Generator website but it's a legal requirement to state that info.

So in short, feel free to take your generated character as base mesh
and build/rebuild/edit it with Maya to create some cool new content and
try sell it on the content store of your choosing. I almost feel obligated to plug Autodesk's very own as a potential option if you're interested as well :slight_smile: Thanks Daniel Product Manager of AUTODESK.

Now to MIXAMO Adobe, You are not allowed to upload any MIXAMO or Adobe FUSE content to Sketchfab, Y, Because editing and redistributing 3d files from Mixamo or Adobe is prohibited,

Since Sketchfab is a 3d editor any content from Mixamo or Adobe is prohibited from it expressly in the TOS. That means if you have Mixamo in the bone names of your model...DONT UPLOAD to Sketchfab OR REDISTRIBUTE IT, Its against the currrent Adobe MIXAMO TOS.

Sorry if this is not what people wanted to hear

Regards Truebones.

(Bart) #8

Regarding Autodesk, we'll see what Autodesk says - I've asked their opinion on this, as you know.

Regarding Mixamo, you're incorrect as I have also explained to you in a private email.

Now stop spreading uncertainty in our community. I've explained everything by email, I don't want to have to do it all again here.



I have not created uncertainty, I only created the TRUTH!

(REGARDING AUTODESK)You may download and use models expressly made available for download by other users for commercial purposes provided such use is only for the purpose of creating, within the ordinary course of your business, designs incorporating such models (and not for the purpose of creating or maintaining sites for the cataloging or access of models) and further provided that you retain all copyright and other proprietarynotices in the original downloaded models.

REGARDING ADOBE MIXAMO, You better check again, I think you might be tragically wrong about it. You are not allowed to edit or redistribute, any Adobe content or Mixamo for that matter. Remember Sketchfab is also an animation and texture editor that can create a database of animations. or edit the content textures, annotations, etc

That is not creating doubt, it is the truth, Do you want me to pin point that particular part in the Adobe/Mixamo Terms of Use for you?. or haven't you got around to reading it yet?

And if you mislead people into believing anything else than the TRUTH then I will leave Sketchfab willingly.

Regards Truebones

(Bart) #10

Joe, I'm shutting this thread down.

(Bart) #12

I have removed the names of the people that you were accusing after receiving concerned emails from them.