Try the new Sketchfab viewer!

(Bart) #1

We are currently working on a new design for the Sketchfab viewer and we would like to give you early access to get your feedback. It will be launched soon and we thought we'd kick the tires one last time before launching it. If you have a moment, please help us test it!

What’s new

  • The design focuses more your models, and the interface fades away when you don’t need it.
  • The controls now show current animation or current annotation.
  • The layout now works better on smaller screens (or with smaller embeds).
  • The viewer includes a help section will all the keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
  • For embeds, the model info and sharing dialogs have been entirely redesigned.

How to activate the new viewer

Simply click on this link to activate the new viewer. The new viewer will then be your default viewer on and everywhere else there is an embed.

To deactivate it again and switch back to the current viewer, use this link.

We’d love to have your feedback

This redesign is based on community feedback and it really helps us improve the features. Once you’ve tried the new viewer, you can leave your feedback here.

And in case you find a bug, report it here.

Thanks so much, and enjoy using our new viewer!