Trying to create a range slider that rotates the environment

(Timeless3d) #1

Hey guys, bear with me, I barely know Javascript, but I'm interested in creating a slider that will rotate the HDRI environment lighting.

So far I've created a slider that has a range from 0-360, and I was wondering how can I hook this up to the sketchfab API?

I know visitors can always alt +drag, but this would be cool too.



We haven't implemented this in the Viewer API yet, but it's an interesting idea.

Can you tell us more about the use case?

(Timeless3d) #3

I'm creating a gallery of 3d models for artists to draw from reference. like 3d life drawing. human figures, fruit, anything really. The more control they have over how the subject looks, notably lighting, the more useful it would be.