Trying to get low poly

(Mmorpgtester) #1

I have been trying to make a avatar for a game called VRchat, My creation is simple, however the poly count is threw the roof, is there a way to lower the poly count within sketchfab? Or just a way to build in low poly mode from the start? "only one img permitted, img deleted"

This is my first attempt at making anything, I did not paint it yet because I wanted to make sure it worked first.

I also loaded it into blender and gave it a semi finished rig, also first time.
But when it came to loading it up into the SDK for vrchat with a limit of 20k polys, I found I was at around 80k. Any recommendations welcome.

(Dark Minaz) #2

it looks like a lot of it got a few smooth modifiers on top, generally a simple tip is to think of how big something needs to be and how important it is, less important parts can be lower / more edgy.
You can also bake a lot of details down to go into the wished for polycount.

my horrible ms paint mouse skills aside, something along those lines, the roudness can be done with bakes / soft vertex normals.

(Mmorpgtester) #3

I see what you mean, most of the polys are inside the mouth, I watched a few tutorials on how to lower poly count and one was to use blender with the sensei mod and then select and use Limited Dissolve. Others said to select the each vert and join them together, Witch would take a long time. This model was made using ShapeLab in steam using a VR headset.

As you can see the verts are crazy and would take me a long time, perhaps just re make it?

(Dark Minaz) #4

probably the simplest way would be to retopo it (build it with the help of the high res) and then bake the details down. looks like most is in areas that could be done much simpler :slight_smile: cleaning it up by hand probably takes forever