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Trying to upgrade to pro but paypal doesnt let me

(Maxlaska) #1

I try to upgrade my account from basic to pro.
After the paypal login i get stuck because it wants me to register a bank account or a credit card but doesn't accept one of them. I called the paypal support to check if there is a problem on their side. They told me there is not. My bank account and my credit card are registered and authorized. Can you help me to sign up and upgrade my account?

(Bart) #2


sorry to hear that! I've forwarded this to our support team, but they have a day off today (Thanksgiving), so they can't get back to you right away.

(Urskog) #4

Your Paypal payment solution sucks, and Im sure you loose a lot of PRO customers because of it.
I really had to fight my way through it to upgrade although Im 100% sure that my cards are valid.
Go Stripe instead - its much slicker.


We're aware, and are working to improve it.