Trying to upload a simple timber texture


(Jesse Traction) #1

I have been trying to add a timber to my model but it just wont appear on the model. I have looked everywhere for a simple tutorial but cannot find one to answer my problem. If someone could please guve me guidance that would be great. Thanks

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @JesseTraction,

Did you add UV data to your model ? it looks like the texture is applied but with bad texture coordinates so you only get a very smal part of the texture instead.

(Lord00120) #3

I cant see your model, but I guess you've used a tileable texture, which sketchfab doesn't support. There's a quick way around this though, you just have to "bake" a new texture from your tileable one. I can give you a quick guide in blender, if that what you're using