Trying to wrap my brain around all of this

(Bobfather) #1

Hello Everyone. Newbie here, and am pretty new to the 3d world. My firm is asking me to help prepare a presentation in early March. There are multiple buildings being built at an existing site. We have paid to have a drone fly the existing site, and a 3d model was made and is placed on here where all I can do is view it. Ultimately I want to model the new buildings in a timeliner fashion, placed and rendered in the existing site model. I would be using Revit or Sketchup to model the new buildings. Any help on a work flow of how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated, or is it even possible using Revit or Sketchup models??


(Victor334) #2

Why not to try for Sketchup to build up new model?

(Pauljs75) #3

I’m not sure if there’s anyway to control object or material visibility just yet via the animations here. (Somebody correct if I’m wrong though.) However I think there may be some tricks that could get pretty close to a desired effect. You could have the scene setup on a platform object for presentation. Then you scale and place other objects within that object to hide them. Then at various points in the animation timeline you scale the objects back to full size and place where needed. How this is keyframed would also depend on the software. But I think either having stuff pop into place or scale up on the Z-axis out of the ground would look decent enough. Then it’s a couple of seconds of waiting for the next thing to pop into the scene for an idea of the timing of each addition.