Turbosquid and webgl security

(Escapades3d) #1

The problem most people have with security is that they are not hackers and don't know what is secure and what isn't. I placed a post in turbosquid's forum asking why we can't use sketchfab there. The response was .. security. The webgl allows models and textures to be easily stolen. This does give me some pause. How secure are our models on sketchfab?

(Vlad) #2

As secure as any 3D model in any realtime engine (games included). If someone decide grab 3D data from it, him can, but all depend on time and skills.

So if you scare, better not upload your models to any web based realtime engines (marmosetco, webgl, etc).
And use youtube for turntables. But remember about photogrammetry, it possible reverseengeneer 3D from video.
So if you scare more, use stills renders. But remember that there are many 3D artist (especially from china, tai, pjilippines, etc) that can reconstruct your lovely model for chip price from your stills.

So if you scare about this... you need tinfoil-cap.

(Maximedup) #3

For any embed renderer i know of, you just have to open the Web Browser Network console tab, and you can grab the model from there. I guess you can add some security layer on top of that, but everything is there.

It takes almost no knowledge. Any child could do that.

edit: just checked on Sketchfab, as i was interested myself :slight_smile: , models are inside archives .gz files that doesn't seem to open on first try with winzip/winrar.

So there you go, there's a protection :smiley: .

(Escapades3d) #4

Thank you maximedup, that is good to know.. now we just need to get turbosquid to understand that.


(Escapades3d) #6

Now that is helpful, the subject on turbosquid however does not look so good.. here is the url to the subject there..


(Vlad) #7

I think turbosquid feel some heat from behind them.

Sketchfab is probably one of their future competitor. Did you seen "sell" question in sketchfab object properties?

That was time when turbosquid was only one on market, now unity/unreal/cryengine have their own marketplaces.
So them will tell more horror stories for protect their business.

And, as James write before. Sketchfab did as much as possible for protect our data. But, there is NO full protection possible, because 3D data is rendered right at user GPU, and this mean user computer already have full 3D information in memory. And only way protect, is made as hard as possible extract data.

BTW, models from Turbosquid or other marketplaces or stock sellers always was is not so hard to find as warez. Or sometime ask corporate friend to download model/image/video for free.

(Talavaj) #8

No 3d web plugin will ever be secure really.
The best way to go around this issue is to just place watermarks into your assets or take steps to make them unusable in other ways.
Such as cropping seamless textures out just enough so that they won't tile, or deleting parts of the geometry.

If you want to be tasteful about it, you could maybe model little "badges" or logotypes and imprint them into the mesh with boolean operations, which would then require the model to be retopologized and unwrapped accordingly.
Which would not only take time but would also require the pirate to also be a 3d artist, who would hopefully be respectful enough to not steal other people's work.

(Macedo Sti) #9

I'ts true, look on Xentax forum, they are studing to ripping models from Sketchfab and anothers websites with WEBGL engine

they discovered a part of this code, SF uses ".JS" Java files and .GS (the 3d file) easy to open with plugins on blender

(Escapades3d) #10

No kidding.. a quick search on that forum shows they are targeting sketchfab models.. http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10668&p=117436&hilit=ripping+models+web+gl+model#p117436

One asked help on how to rip this one off.. https://sketchfab.com/models/ddb524ab9f4a43e99a0adce44b332b6b
Ok, I may have to reconsider posting my models with sketchfab.

(Vlad) #11

Well, with average 20 views per model. Your models is in real danger!

(Vlad) #12

Yes, this is like protracted war. SketchFab or Marmoset changing code, hackers reversing it. And again.

But please, read what wrote @james.
And please understand models FROM ANY 3D ENGINE can be ripped! Private game engine, cry/unreal/unity... webgl, etc. FROM ANY!

Don't mind about photogrammetry. Your lovely "chrome ball" also can be grabbed from turntable video uploaded on youtube.

AND Every model with Royalty Free license from any marketplace that have corporate subscription can already be found on warez sites or easily ask for download FOR FREE!

(Lapin) #13

With Turbosquid, too, can steal the model. Not all, but many. At Ten24, too, can steal. Personally, I can do it. Even with your computer can steal your models. But most programmers are not interested in the possibility to steal something, and only the implementation process. Share your models with others or make them unavailable for viewings.