Turn off comments?


(Jeremy Barker) #1

I'm wondering if there will ever be a way to turn off comments on uploads? I uploaded a scan not too long ago and it got a message that wasn't outright derogatory but I still didn't like having it associated with my work, so my only option was to remove the scan due to lack of any moderation tools. Now the majority of my scans are going up as private scans because I don't want to deal with public comments on them. This may be just me, but I would really like to be able to either delete comments or turn them off all together on my uploads.

(Matthewbrennan) #2


I've requested this before as well. Not sure how a website can have the ability to comment on any model without the pursuant moderation/editing tools for the owner of said model..


We'll have better comment moderation in the future. For now I'm happy to delete any comments you feel are inappropriate.

Thanks for the feedback.

(Jeremy Barker) #4

Thanks for the update. I'd be happy with just having an option to turn them off for certain models! In general the Sketchfab team has been really great at accommodating user requests and I'm very happy to hear that something is in the works.