Tutorial: Exporting Custom Lightmaps from max to Sketchfab

(Dae Milan) #1

Hi 3Dfriends!

I knew it was possible, but up until now I had not taken the time to figure out exactly how, to combine a lightmap with tiling and modular textures. Now I took out the time to test it and I made a small video tutorial. Why not share it with all of you?

Sketchfab can handle lightbakes very similar to how a game engine would handle lightmaps, and you can archive the same results. But you have to bake and set them up manually.

This is by no means a discredit to the Sketchfab exporter for max. It works great. But I found the way it works with baked lightmaps in combination with modular textures not ideal and also not representative with how a game engine would handle lightbakes.

Have a nice day!

(Bart) #2

Hey @dae_milan,

thanks so much for sharing, that's super helpful! Keep 'em coming smile

PS: I fixed the link in your post so the video is properly embedded.

(Bart) #3

Oh, and @klaasnienhuis maybe there are some interesting ideas for you here to add to your exporter?

(Bart) #4

Hey @dae_milan,

I really enjoyed your video, and decided it deserved its own blogpost wink


(Klaasnienhuis) #5

This definitely is a great way to enhance the sharpness of the textures. Though it requires a bit of work in sketchfab itself to set up the shaders. AFAIK this can't be automated, right @bartv?
I can create export files from 3dsMax with this type of shader (separate diffuse and lightmap) but Sketchfab won't recognize it and you have to edit the shader afterwards. I'd loce to do some updates though to increase the general quality of the lightbakes!

(Dae Milan) #6

Hi Bart, Hi Klaas,

Thanks for the post, Bart. I hope someone finds it useful.

I am not sure how much can be automated, Klaas stuck_out_tongue
I just know that the way the automated lightbake works now for the exporter, by baking the diffuse textures into the light bakes instead of combining two separate maps, is fine for models with unique texturing (most models on sketchfab) but it's not ideal if all the textures are modular and tiling.
But like my video shows, the work around is not that hard, and gives you full control.

(Bart) #7

I'll ask around @klaasnienhuis!


It might be possible automatically with FBX - the devs will know better wink