Twin engine fantasy bomber -- WIP


(Verticles) #1

Made some headway on this since last working on it. I have very little freetime so it will be a while until I can actually finish it.

WIP - HF-226B by Verticles on Sketchfab

(Distance880) #2

I love the retro style, and the twin propellers. The nose section is very sleek!

(Simon Kratz) #3

I really like the overall look of the model, looks a bit like how I imagine the airplanes in WWII.
It might just be a bit too glossy for my taste :smile:
The surface seems a bit like it's wet or made of plastic. Maybe a bit more rough looks cool, I imagine most parts are a bit worn from weather.

(Verticles) #4

Thank you for your feedback! I went ahead and made it a bit less shiny. I definitely agree it was over the top. I'm gonna add more variation in roughness eventually, and finalize the textures. I also want to model the cockpit/flight instruments as well as inside the fusilage. I really want Staff Pick hahaha