Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - The Black Lodge (Red Room)

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #1

Hi - I'm newish to sketchfab but I've been a 3D hobbyist for about 7 years now. Working mostly with Blender and some ZBrush. Recently we got a Gear VR so I've been playing around with Unity a bit now too.

For this contest i'm going to try the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - The Black Lodge (Red Room)

It's a pretty simple scene but I think within my skill level (I hope) but I'm betting Venus will give me a run for my money.

I find these kind of contests to be motivating and this work is right in line with what's been inspiring me lately, I've been working on a twin peaks Sheriff's Office just for fun - I uploaded a few of the models to my Sketchfab profile this evening.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

(Mhazani) #2

I'm so happy someone is taking a stab at the Red Room. That gum you like is going to come back in style! Best of luck to you!


Welcome on board! I've just added one month of free Sketchfab PRO to your account. You will now be able to upload larger models, use more annotations and more - here's more information.

Also, don't forget to subscribe to the contest news thread and to read the Frequently Asked Questions!

Thanks for joining us! This is going to be a really cool scene!

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #4

I logged in this evening and I don't seem to have pro enabled - can you take a look?

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #5

Oh it turned up at 6 am this morning. Thanks!

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #7

Here is my progress so far - just built the basic room in Blender. Textures for the background and floor were made with the Filter Forge plugin. The velvet texture for the curtains I made following this tutorial.

Going to fire it up in the Gear VR now to check the scale, then spend some time sculpting the curtains.

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #8

Tonight I started the model of the fluted lamp in Blender...

Looks like next I be exploring how dynamic lighting works in sketchfab. :slight_smile:

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #9

I took the curtain mesh into zbrush and painted it with some cloth brushes to try to get some movement.

I exported the high resolution mesh to obj then used a program called XNormal to bake a normal map and AO map onto my low poly version. I like the effect but I’m likely to repeat the process again to get a drape effect more like what we see in the scene.

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #10

Hey all .. I had another session in zbrush with the drapes and like the effect much better the second go round.

And a second pic with the lamps imported

Next up chairs...

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #11

Started work on one of the chairs in blender tonight - hopefully textured tomorrow.

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #12

An update of the chair with some texture in the sketchfab viewer.

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #13

A bit more of the room together in the sketchfab viewer... playing with the vr positioning

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #14

Been sick for a few days, managed to get coops chair started. I've got the table, the globe-thing and the statue left to do.. more to come.

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #15

Working on the end table in blender tonight .. I have a feeling I'll be taking this one right to the wire. Hoping the baby takes a long nap tomorrow :smiley:

(Ryann Mc Corkell) #16

My Finished Entry :smiley:

Was fun!