Twitchy animation issue (FIXED)

Character Eve WIP by rubiez on Sketchfab

Hi all, its been a while ^_^

So yeah, as you can see, I have this weird issue...

the weird thing is that it works fine in game engines, but when i open it with motion builder, i get the same issue...

i have no idea what could be the problem, i will be grateful if anyone can explain what the hell is going on XD

thanks guys :smiley:

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can't really say much without the model, might be some key settings that get blended in the game engine but that is more or less the extend i can help without the fbx.

doesn't really seem like a sketfchfab issue though. I mean the other arm, legs work fine.

that's the weird part here, i know that the problem is on my end, i just don't know what... it shows the same problem when i view this FBX in motion builder.

also, pretty much every animation of this character that I upload has a similar problem, with other body parts.

What program did you create it?
What game engine are you running it? aka what program seems fine with it?
if it's a maya model, would you mind sending me the file? i got some free time to check out if i can see a problem

Or send some screenshots from the joints that bug, maybe there are some weird movements logged, that (with game interpolation) somehow get fixed .. what would be weird too .. but to be honest, the only way i could try to help is via model but maybe the sketchfab support knows something more, it could be so many things, or so few. (binding,fbx export issues, cashing, interpolation, just the few that pop into my head).

I created it with maya 2016... makes me feel like this could be the cause... this has to be the buggiest maya I have ever had to work with... :frowning:

the engines I tried it on are unreal 4.10 and unity 4... they run it perfectly fine.

here are the joints...

I also re-uploaded a different animation... and there seems to be less problems, but still...

hmm i can't see anything sticking out
problem is i can't really reproduce the error, my animation logs totally fine. Then again it's a much simpler rig and test i did. (30sec of just random movements to see how it works) p.s. i got maya 2016 too

Maybe for a test
save a copy
bake everything down in Maya
so your rig will become useless, check out if it works
upload that

That would give every frame positions (yeah might use some memory) so there would be no 0 values anywhere.

Hmm...well i have baked the animation before export... That's why it's weird...

Well...let's hope support can support me on this one ^_^

oh .. well then i really don't know why it does that weird movement :open_mouth:

Hi @rubiez,

Thanks for reporting this issue, and also thanks @dark_minaz for your help. I will take a look and try to see what's wrong. It seems to be a baking issue but it is interesting to see that Motion Builder also has it.

I will check that out and keep you in touch! :smile:

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Tarkus by rubiez on Sketchfab

okay, I just uploaded another animation.

this one was made with maya 2014 pretty much in the same time the previous animations where. and you can see the same twitching on the same side.

I've seen that issue before back in xna too. For me it was caused from baking and it can be fixed by changing the rotation interpolation in the graph editor. I mentioned it over here:


okay, solved it.... ^_^

as you can see at the beginning of the post, the new animation works great.
it was indeed a baking issue...

I was baking with sampling set to 1, and it baked every frame.

but, sketchfab does it's smoothing to the animation, and that reveled some dark secrets

so yeah... maya users, should set the baking sampling to 0.2 to make sure you will not have any twitching :smile:


Nice. I added a quick note in the Maya Help Center/Wiki

:relaxed: thank you, you're a life saver