Twitter embed not showing


(Burtabreu) #1

Wanted to test Sketchfab and uploaded a model using the Twitter share on the Sketchfab window. Initially it showed but no longer. I tried sharing again a couple different ways, using the same button, then appending /embed to the url and once without but no good. Not sure if this is because it's a free account and this happens or something else I'm doing wrong.

(Bart) #2

We're not sure why this happens, but we're looking in to it! We'll post an update here once we know more.

(Bart) #3

Quick update: we're waiting to hear from Twitter about this issue. As there have been no changes on our site it seems that something changed on their servers.

(Burtabreu) #4

Thanks that's awesome.

(Bart) #5

Update: we're still talking to Twitter. We're hopeful a solution will be found soon. As always, I'll keep posting updates here.


Update: Twitter embeds should now be working again. It might take some time for older links to become embeds as it requires re-scraping from Twitter.

(Burtabreu) #7

Awesome - thank you!