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Two Accounts - Merge or Move Pro Subscription

(Calvin Nz) #1

Hi there.

I'm wondering is there a way that I could merge a/c's or is it possible to get my Pro Account moved off one Account and moved to the other Account?



No problem, I'll take care of it. What are the two usernames?

(Calvin Nz) #3

holy cow i just realised i have 3 a/c's. please merge 360degrees and 3dbabiesnz into calvinnz and make calvinnz the pro a/c. I will then rename calvinnz to 360degrees. Thanks. Sorry for the hassle.


All set, and I changed your name for you:


Ah, sorry, I couldn't find the PayPal subscription info. Can you DM me with the email address on your PayPal account?

(Calvin Nz) #6

Sure will do that soon. Have noticed that my old profile posts are still linking to calvinnz not the 360degrees profile page.

Any way that this can be fixed.

Kind Regards


Hmm, which posts / links?

(Calvin Nz) #8
Then click on sketchfab profile button then get 404


Ah, just on the forum? Can you try logging out and back in again?

(Calvin Nz) #10

Thank you. That worked.

(Calvin Nz) #11


Just noticed that my a/c is showing as basic not Pro.




I just sent you a DM asking for PayPal info and I'll get that settled for you.

(G4d) #13

Hello please could you merge our two accounts too. We hava ppp and G4D. I would like to have just G4D. Thanks


All set: