Two Base Color Textures For Single Modell

I want to upload two base color textures for a single model. They are two variants of the same mesh, how do I do that??

You can upload as much texture as you want in 3d Settings. But if it’s to show the two textures, it would be better to have two models instead of just one.

I don’t want to show the two textures I just want both of them to be downloadable But Even after I uploaded two textures in 3d settings it is not in the downloaded files

If you include both textures in your original upload they will be included as part of the download. From what I remember, textures uploaded afterwards are only part of the download if they are used

No its not, pls help

@Hoip, what @nomadking says is correct. If I upload a zip with a model in it and a bunch of unrelated images, these images are still considered part of the original upload. If the model is downloadable, you get these images when you download the “Original format”. You can try it out here:

It’s a model without any textures in it, but the zip you can download contains images which I included in the upload.

If you upload textures afterwards, they will be included in all of the downloads. Also the “Original format”. Though, Sketchfab needs some time to reprocess the downloadable files. Give it a minute or two to do that, before testing your own downloads.


Another trick is to include additional files in a folder inside your uploaded archive. Those won’t be processed, but they’ll be part of the download later :slight_smile:

Exactly, that’s what I did with the model in my post.

Yep. My point was that you could even put 3D models in a subfolder to prevent processing :slight_smile:

@klaasnienhuis now that I put all the textures in a zip file and uploaded the zip file, it is showing all the files in the ‘more model info’ tab but when I download the 3d model it only comes with the textures that are visible. Even in the more model info tab, it says Raw textures in which all the textures show up and processed textures in which only the visible textures show up and are in the downloaded file. Take a look at the image.

Have you checked your entire downloaded zip? The file structure is a bit convoluted. This is the structure I get:

  • textures
    • processed textures
  • source
      • the original uploaded files, including the raw textures

If not, we’ll need help from Sketchfab support. You can also share your sketchfab model here, that makes this discussion a lot easier.

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Yes, you are absolutely right, all the textures are there in the source folder, I being the stupidest person alive was just checking the textures folder.