Two identically-sized models, two different VR behaviors

(Holliday) #1


I have two models built with the same elements, only the elements are in different arrangements.They are on the large side, but its unclear if that is the problem. Model A behaves as expected on desktop, over mobile and in VR. It reports 861k vertices, but no geometry. Model B on the other hand reports 861k vertices, AND 1.7M triangles for geometry. Despite being aligned properly in VR mode on the desktop, model B also does not align properly on mobile. Both models are built from identical .stls cleaned and positioned in Geomagic. We tested the size issue by reducing model B by 1/2 to ~430k vertices (still no triangles), and still have the same problems. Why does model B report geometry when model A does not? Why or how are they different? Why do they behave differently in VR?

Model A (861k vertices; works well):

Model B (861k vertices AND 1.7M triangles; doesn’t work as well):

Thank you!

(Holliday) #2

We seem to have resolved this through no fault of our own and both models work in VR. Model B also now reports geometry. Magic?