Two models with "An error occured while preparing your download"

Hello, I have really weird problem with two last models that I uploaded and set for sale.
They are in the same formats and zip files as all my other models so Im pretty sure that its not bug from my side.

Any chance to resolve that issues, because its a bit annoying that they are not available…

What kind of error I am looking for? I have checked the the models and they look OK to me.

they are not available for download and purchase, one model for almost 2 weeks now.

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Hi @Akinaro

It was failing because of the exported glTF not being valid.
I retriggered the archive generation and both models are now fixed :slight_smile:
(there have been some fixes recently pushed in the glTF pipeline but failed archives are not retriggered automatically in this case)

Sorry for the inconvenience


Thank you very much for fixing it!