Types of model appropriate for 3D Printing

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I’ve drawn in 3D using AutoCAD, Sketchup and a couple of other minor applications for years. I have seen the rise of a number of applications and technologies in the recent past designed to generate 3D models from Photographs.

I am the proud owner of a new AnyCubic 3D printer (yet to be tested). I am looking for the right model for my first print. It’s like burning my first CD all over again. The technology presented here seems to only generate a thin skin model with a low poly count (learning that is important). I am still trying to wrap my mind around what different model types are appropriate for and can they be converted to something appropriate for a 3D print.

I would like to create car models from photos and am looking for the most effective way to do that. I want to print them at 1:160. I know that some software has issues with glass especially windshields. Could someone please direct me to a tutorial or give me an explanation of what the best model type would be to print at small scale (1:160) or the best tools to generate car models from photos please.

BTW I am impressed with a lot of the car models I’ve seen here. The wrecked cars would be appropriate for a wrecking yard I want to model and this is the first site that has a 1966 Chrysler. I would especially like to print off the Chrysler!


Hello, welcome!

You can find some general advice on 3D Printing here:

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Thanks James for your reply but the document didn’t answer my questions. Lets take the 1966 Chrysler New Yorker model for example. It is a low poly model. At 1:160 scale how would this model print if at all? Is it possible to turn it into something that could be printed? Will it look rough at that scale? $60 is a lot of money to spend on a test! I realize modelers do a lot of work to create their models but the prices for 3D models is still way to high IMHO.

Can anyone recommend a tutorial on how to create a 3D model of a car from photographs? I have pictures of a car on a checker pattern tile floor. There are lots of photos and there should be lots of reference points. Can this application do it or can someone recommend something else?

Has an application been developed that will allow me to drag a series of photos in and generate a model…a real 3D model. One where I can control parameters, where I can bring the model into another application after…one that will generate a 3D model that can be 3D printed after?

I look forward to your reply.