Ubi3D – 3D Scanning on land, underwater and from the sky – Belgium / Europe

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About this service

Ubi3D is a professional 3D scanning service specialised in the “art and science of Photogrammetry”. Researchers at heart, our focus is on academic, industrial and creative 3D scanning projects. We like a challenge and enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is possible with current technologies.

We offer highly flexible scanning solutions: Ubi3D can scan objects of any size (microscopic to entire landscapes) in any environment (underwater, on land or from the sky), providing detailed, accurate and texture-rich 3D models to clients across Europe.

  • References: UNESCO Paris (2001 Convention), Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, University of Southern Denmark (Maritime Archaeology Programme), ADC ArcheoProjecten.
  • Website: www.ubi3D.com
  • How to contact: info@ubi3D.com / +32 485 677 409

Service description

  • Specialisation: Photogrammetry
  • Equipment: Different cameras and lenses depending on scanning subject and environment
  • Software: Agisoft PhotoScan, Reality Capture, Rhino3D + ca 20 secondary applications
  • Location: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Ability to travel:
    Small projects: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, northern France, western Germany
    Larger projects: Europe
    Very large / interesting projects: Worldwide
  • Resolution: Ranges from fractions of a millimeter using microscopic imaging to several millimeters using aerial imaging. If required our system can handle models of up to several hundred million polygons.
  • Guaranteed accuracy: Depends on the project requirements and working environment (land-based vs underwater).
  • Max / min scannable sizes: Microscopic to landscape
  • Textures: Photo-realistic, true colour, enhanced or near-infrared
  • Deliverable file formats: Point clouds, (textured) meshes or print-ready models in any common 3D file format
  • Additional services: 2D technical drawings, 3D model videos, GIS integration, 3D print prep, scientific publication, photogrammetry reports, photogrammetry training, project proposal prep.
  • Costs: Upon request. Depends on environment (land, aerial or underwater), project scale (one time job or long term project), accuracy / resolution requirements and complexity of the 3D subject.


Beetle by Ubi3D on Sketchfab

IJsselkogge Kampen: Kitchen by Ubi3D on Sketchfab

Street Art: Harmoniepark (low poly) by Ubi3D on Sketchfab

Orchid by Ubi3D on Sketchfab