UDIM not detecting in my obj

i used udim’s for my model (4uv sets) somehow cant find a solution to apply my textures

We don’t support UDIM’s yet, sorry.

Apologies for bumping an old topic. I wondered if UDIM’s are supported now or if there is a plan for this to be added in the future?


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Hi Bart,

When are you planning to support UDIM’s. Because a lot of models nowadays make use of them.


We’re aware of the need, but we can’t communicate our roadmap, sorry.

i had the same problem … but i assigned a seperate shader for each udim (selection of polys) in maya before exporting the obj. its more work - but it works !


Hi there,
I saw your comments and I am wondering how do you make Udim work in Sketchfab. Do you use Substance painter and send the texture back to Maya and upload them to Sketchfab? Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

hi !
as i said: if you want to use higher texture resolution you can split your model and use a unique shader for each geometry patch - in this way you can use multiple hires textures on your model …its only a workaround :wink:

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Any update on UDIM support?