[UE4 Plugin] Assets Rename / Compatible Name before import

Hi, I am using import to Unreal Engine 4 plugin, the whole import flow was great but it should have rename action.

Since the Unreal Engine have some restriction on the assets name(e.g. “Hello World” is unacceptable due to the space, it should change to “HelloWorld” / “Hello_World”).

As I often see some name like “(FREE) Candle” in Sketchfab, after this item was imported to UE4, it will start to crash / cannot open this assets after restart UE4 / mis-linked the assets…etc. The reason is “Invalid Name in UE4”. I cannot rename those assets in UE4 since it has reference its own material after import.

Therefore I was hoping I can rename the assets before import / auto rename the assets by this plugin.

Thanks a lot!!!