Ugly joins with crossed edges


(Nephthys) #1

Hello! I am trying to make something a bit based on a schiavona. I am having trouble where I want some rings to join, however, I cannot make them look nice.

Here are two screenshots, solid and wireframe. YOu can see the two places here that I want to join, and what I am going for, kind of one ring splitting into two that go in their own directions. But the faces overlap, the edges cross, it just looks horrid. If anyone has any suggestions on a way to do it, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!!

(Pauljs75) #2

I'd say to work with snapping, then knife tool, then deleting faces and removing doubles. It's fiddly work though, but sometimes that's what it takes to get clean results. (There's also a plugin that can make Y-joints, but this looks like it's being done with arbitrary angles based on other geometry. So that's a bit more tricky.) You may also need some control loops at the Y-join to limit webbing if there's any plans for subdivision to be used.