UI controls for kickstarter

Hi is there any way to remove UI control and model inspection from models posted to kickstarter campagns?

Just to be clear im not asking for removal of watermark, just the extra unneeded controls.


Yes, this is available in our Premium plans and up:

Hi bart,
Can you please double check and confirm this is the case?

Kickstarter only uses model page link and not embed code, how is it all controlled?

I haven’t tested in a while, but I think it should work if you add the URL parameters to the link you paste in Kickstarter. You could test with parameters that are not limited to paid plans, such as ?autostart=1

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Thanks for the info James! Will give it a go later today!

Hey James thanks for the tip it worked in the end!
Incase anyone else is having problems, its because kickstarter preview page doesnt load correctly for extra commands like autostart. You have to view the kickstarter page via the shared link in order for it to work!

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Awesome! Thanks for confirming!