Ui_stop option not working

(Charper) #1

ui_stop:0 option is no longer working for me. I'm now getting an x in the upper right corner. Prior to a few days ago, this wasn't an issue. Has the option changed?


Hmm. Do you have a link to the page where you've embedded it?

(Charper) #3

It can be seen with this model:

Unfortunately, the page is private at the moment. This is the code:

var client = new Sketchfab(version, iframe);

                client.init(urlid, {
                    ui_stop: 0,
                    success: success,
                    error: error,
                    autostart: 0,
                    preload: 1,
                    ui_vr: 0,
                    ui_fullscreen: 0,
                    ui_settings: 0,
                    ui_animations: 0,
                    ui_infos: 0,
                    autospin: 0,
                    camera: 0


Got it. Thanks for the report!