Unable to report a post

Technical issue:
I tried reporting a post but the website will not let me open a post request. It asks me to log in. If I log in it asks me if I really want to log out. If I try in another browser i get the same behavior. I am unable to get the sketchfab contacts forum, unable to open the report request forum.

What I was trying to report:
I found a post based on a cuberush tutorial on Gordon Lee’s profile, I clicked because I thought it was cuberush. The paint job is a little different than what was in the tutorial. But clearly it was from the tutorial. This is the main reason for the report. There was no credit to cuberush for what is likely his model with a texture paint over it. Secondly but not report worthy, and this could be a mistake but the piece is not indicative of the persons skill level and this level of model / texture is not represented anywhere else on their profile. Leading me to believe that it was gathered elsewhere and re-posted here.

tutorial link: https://www.cubebrush.co/marketplace?q=Marc%20brunet&product_id=sgipng
User: Gordon Lee

Hmm, I can’t reproduce that - the reporting form works as expected here. Can you document the exact steps please?

He appears to have credited cuberush on his artstation page https://gordonlee.artstation.com/projects/8e0VXG

So nothing to do here for us?

Can just ask him to do the same credit on his sketchfab post … other than that nope.