Unable to save 3D settings while import textures


(Mageaster) #1

Hello! The issue is similar to this. I can't upload large textures (4K PNG or JPG, ~2.5 MB), I think due to 64 Kbit uplink connection. Is there a way to increase timeout or something like this? Uploading of 8.5 MB archive with textures also fails on less than 10% of upload with error "Upload error. Transfer interrupted". I really have no chance for faster internet, unfortunately.


Hmm, can you try adding a texture, then saving, one by one?

(Mageaster) #3

I do it each time. The only one chance to save settings is to import texture less than 0.5 MB (2K JPEG with 75% compression).


Hmm ok. @mauricesvay does this sound like something that could be improved on our end, or it's a browser limitation?

(Mauricesvay) #5

Not sure how we can improve this. We need to check with the dev team.