Unable to upload from reality capture


(Austin Beaulier) #1

Whenever I go to upload any model to sketchfab from reality capture I get this syntax Script error. Is there anyway around this?

(Brestscan3d) #2

I have been having this problem for a few days also…


What browser (and version) is that? Is it your default browser that Reality Capture is opening for the authorization process?

(Austin Beaulier) #4

I was using firefox as default. Then I switched to using chrome as default. both the latest version same result on both


Ok thanks, I’ll need to check. At first glance it looked like a issue with IE.

(Austin Beaulier) #6

Still having the same issue

(Austin Beaulier) #7

Please help I haven’t been able to upload in over a week


We were able to reproduce the issue. We’re looking into it!

(Gpsonsite) #10

I am also having trouble uploading from CR to Sketchfab. were you able to find a solution to this error?


Hmm, I haven’t seen this error before. What happens if you click Yes to continue running scripts on the page?

(Austin Beaulier) #12


This started happening today when trying to upload to sketch fab from reality capture. Continuing to run scripts just makes it load forever.


We’re looking into it with the RealityCapture team.