Unable to upload more than one subtool

Hello, I just finished modeling and texturing my character model and Im trying to upload it on Sketchfab. It contains about 115 subtools and all have been removed from their folders. Im currently using the Skecthfab Uploader V4.0. However, I dont see it in my uploads. I have tried to upload the parts individually and they seem to work though. Whenever I try to upload more than 1 subtool, it doesnt seem to appear in my uploads in Sketchfab. Does anyone have a way around this issue? Any help will be appreciated >.<

Hi Rachel,

I almost never use the uploader in ZBrush, because I don’t have control over the materials that upload with it. What I do is prepare the subtools via the multimap exporter, bring all the objs into blender, rename the materials there to something that makes sense and then upload the completed model to Sketchfab via the browser. In the 3d editor I then upload all the textures I exported with the multimap exporter and tweak until satisfied.
Since I use ZBrush on a daily base this basically is my best practice.