Underground tunnel cutting

(Johnsztucki) #1

i am looking for model of an underground tunnel/coal cutting machine in 1/48 or 1/50 scale for a coal mining scenario and there seem to be no makers for such machines as were used in uk mining, the machine i am looking for would be joy 12cm12 or dosco mark 2 or rh25 roadheader, would anyone here be able to advise on how to get one of these machines made, i have some photos of them if requiredJCM%2012CM15 photo here is of joy 12cm15 continuous miner, the type of machine i am looking to have model of

(Laurer1990) #2

If you can’t find something like this i can offer you my help and build one for you.

Just write me a mail: laurer1990@hotmail.de

(Johnsztucki) #3

ok thanks but have found a few options to get downloadable 3d files and build one myself in 3d lab that not too far from me and offer hire of 3d printers onsite