Unexpected results when converting models for payment and exporting from unity

(Nickholl) #1


when sketchfab converted my model so that i could sell it, the models textures, lighting look a bit different to how they used to. In particular, these binoculars https://sketchfab.com/models/811bc0a6cace43eb97747299753f3ccf

Ive attached an image of how they looked before the conversion - and I’ve changed no settings).

I also tried to reexport from unity as i did before with the sketchfab exporter, but it doesn’t look any better :-/

Has something changed in the way sketchfab does things? My unity project is set for linear rather than gamma, is this ok?

thanks in advance for any help!

(Nickholl) #2

ok - so I’ve found that i need to change my unity material from standard to standard (roughness) for the export to work correctly from unity now. As for the conversion issues - i think it may just be sketchfab having issues with the old files


Our processing pipeline and renderer have changed a lot over the years, so reprocessing old models can have unexpected results sometimes.