Unity Exporter - Transparency

(Ouat) #1


Model URL: https://sketchfab.com/models/0aeef5df3c2b4242857fcb1666d27355
Operating System: Windows 10 /64bit with Unity 3D

Description of problem:
I am stuck because I need to export my model from Unity Editor with
But I do not found how to export the shader transparency.
I looked arround, but did not found manual or tutorial on this subject.
Four hours that I am turning around... :cry:

Can you help me ?

Eloi Strée


You can edit it in 3D Settings, but I'm not sure if this is what you want it to look like:

Do you have a different transparency texture?

(Ouat) #3

Yeah I know that I can edit in the 3D setting on your web site :wink:.

But what we want to do is to be able to export 60 models from Unity to SketchFab whithout having to tweek 120 transparency manually.
I supposed that if you configure well the shader in Unity, Your plugin would copy those data to your web site to avoid tweeking behind.

Like copy the unity standard diffuse shader: specular, color, alpha ...
(At least alpha)


We're hoping to improve the Unity Exporter soon, but I don't have much experience with Unity to give you a short-term solution.

@waleguene did you have some idea?