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Unity gltf / glb import error JSON integer is too large or small for an Int32

(Nexanet) #1


On unity gltf / glb import i have the error.

JsonReaderException: JSON integer 2148798840 is too large or small for an Int32. Path ‘bufferViews[33421].byteOffset’, line 1624803, position 30.
Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextReader.ParseReadNumber (ReadType readType, Char firstChar, Int32 initialPosition)

what can i do ?

small assemblies works fine. not big assemblies. With larger assemblies ones this error comes.




Which model is this that you’re importing, can you share the model URL?

(Nexanet) #3

It is not a model from the internet. It is a separate export from CAD. smaller assemblies work well. All bigger ones do not go and this error comes. Is there somewhere in the plugin MB limits or cache limits to make this higher?


Oh, I thought it was a glTF you got from Sketchfab. Can you share the file?