Unity importer fails, wrong rotations, with this one model

Hi Sketchfab.

I’m using the latest sketchfab for unity 1.2.1:

and it fails to properly import this model, as you can see the ear, tusk and many other pieces are misplaced.

Could you please assist?

Hi @figmin ,

I suspect a maths bug when converting transforms from glTF to Unity, happening on negatively scaled objects.
I guess you are seeing a bunch on warnings in Unity’s logs when importing this model, right ?

I opened a ticket to deal with this, thanks for reporting !


Yeah they have negative scales, but when I look at the actual matrices inside the data I also see some negative zeroes.

We use a different importer in Figmin XR, but it yields the same result as the one you use in your Unity Plugin.

I am wondering, is this going to be a fix in the unity plugin or on Sketchfab’s end when they convert it to gltf?