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Unlit & lit in one scene?

(Nickholl) #1


Id like to upload some props and show them with both their baked in lighting AND PRB lit versions in one scene - is this possible?

I have 1 material with Albedo + Metalic/smoothness + Normals
and 1 material with just a baked in albedo.

Heres the scene Im currently trying it out with

Ive managed to get it ALMOST there using a technique mentioned here

but the 'unlit' model is still showing a few reflections - would be great if I could eradicate those so it was perfectly unlit :slight_smile:

thanks for any help!


Hi Nick,

Can you post a screenshot calling out the issue? I'm not sure I understand - the left one is PBR and the right one has baked lighting - it seems correct to me.


(Nickholl) #3

sorry, I've since managed to more or less eradicate the issue (and updated the scene). Its more noticeable in some models than others. If you look at these bins and then alt+drag the light around you'll see the highlights (veeeery slightly) shift. Nothing for me to be concerned about though :slight_smile: