(Unofficial) Household Props Challenge


(sirkitree) #184

Day 19: Ceiling Fan

(Juansu4rez) #185

Day 19, Ceiling Fan.

(Bevansltu) #186

Day 19! Trying to get back on track since I went out of order. Catching up with the furniture now.
72 tris
256 x 256 diffuse

Updated scene! I rearranged a bit to better fit everything together. I’m sure there will be more changes to the layout as I add the bigger furniture.

(Zachary Hixson) #187

18 - Bed

Such an exciting bed.

(Daniel O'Neil) #188

Spent much of the day doing a redux of my 1991 Mac Classic model to fit within the challenge rules around texturing. (Where is everyone finding the time to do a new model every day?) Ironically, this actually meant adding polygons to my model to communicate essential details, since I could no longer rely on beautiful photo textures for that. I managed to squeak in at 300 triangles. I think I’m most proud of my little apple logo. :grin:

(Zachary Hixson) #189

Looks great! That apple is so bright and crisp.
If you still wanted to use the textures from before, you can just drop the resolution on your texture map to 256x256.

(3d Gameart) #190

Little update from me. Here is the book.

(Daniel O'Neil) #191

Thanks for the suggestion, @zhixson! I tried lowering the resolution and it looked awful. In any case, this was a fun opportunity to try modeling the Mac just using simple colors.

(Zachary Hixson) #192

Hey, looking awful and resolutions as low as 256x256 go hand in hand! :smile:
You can set the filtering to Nearest Neighbor to give it a pixely look, though, and that is sometimes enough to pull the smeary low res awfulness into the realm of looking intentionally stylized.

(Bevansltu) #193

Day 20! Armchair to match the couch.
60 tris
256 x 256 diffuse
Updated the scene as usual!

(sirkitree) #194

Day 20: Exercise Equipment

(Daniel O'Neil) #195

I had to do a little Internet research to figure out how to do that in Cinema 4D, and I learned how to do something new in the process, so thank you! I still hated the result, but I can imagine other circumstances where I might want to go down this route. :smiley:

(Daniel O'Neil) #196

I adore this stylization. Very Art Deco feel. :smile:

(Daniel O'Neil) #197

And a very cool globe it is!

(Low Poly ) #198

Today, after months, if not years, I started again doing some gymnastics and I died. Will it be destiny?
My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge . Day #20: Exercise Eq.

(Daniel O'Neil) #199

While I was looking for reference photos of the original line of Macs, I stumbled across Macquariums, and it struck me as such a whimsical conceit that I just had to model one. Also, I already had both a Mac and fishbowl, thanks to this challenge, and this seemed like a great way to bring some of my existing models together like @hanoldaa has done.

(Kielkaiser) #200

19° & 20° models, short in time

more simple cant be

(Zachary Hixson) #201

Warm Up 07 - Mug (filled with office supplies)

I did this one in place of the Mouse and Keyboard. I’m gonna do another warm-up prop in place of the printer too.

(Daniel O'Neil) #202

I’m kind of dreading the mouse, keyboard, and printer exercises. Heck, I haven’t even owned a printer for years. Why so much computer equipment to model? Fish bowls are so much more fun. :slight_smile:

(Zachary Hixson) #203

Haha, I suspect the guy who conceived this challenge ( cough @hanoldaa cough ) looked around his room and made a list of everything in it. :sunglasses: