(Unofficial) Household Props Challenge


(Hanoldaa) #224

I’m switching it up again and decided to go with a fireplace instead of stove! I love my fireplace and have to have it.

(Colinb) #225

Okay, again a crazy work weekend, but I should be able to catch up in the next couple days (hopefully!)

68 Tris per book. Wanted just a little bit of detail in a flanged/beveled spine. No ‘texture’ just basic colors.

(Daniel O'Neil) #226

Thanks! I’m an ignoramus about UV mapping so I’m not sure how to do what you describe but good to know for future learning. :slight_smile:

(Kielkaiser) #227

22° & 23° models, the Stove and the Refri

(Low Poly ) #228

Thanks Doneil!!! :slight_smile:

(Low Poly ) #229

With this heat … does anyone want one? :smile:
My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge.
Day #23: Refrigerator

(Juansu4rez) #230

Day 23, Refrigerator.

(sirkitree) #231

Day 23: Refrigerator

(Zachary Hixson) #232

23 - Refrigerator

This one turned out pretty alright!

(Hanoldaa) #233

Easy to model when you’re sitting right next to your reference :smiley:

(Colinb) #234

Hey all! Still trying to catch up a bit. Here’s my entry for ‘Bookshelf’.
It is quite simple to look at, so I through together a quick comp in an attempt to showcase it more effectively. Quickly realized I hadn’t really implemented a ‘style’ between models for this challenge. Oh well, maybe next time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!

(sirkitree) #235

Day 24: Waste Bin

(Low Poly ) #236

My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge. Day #24: Waste Bin

(Colinb) #237

:rofl: @ the ‘surprise’!

(Zachary Hixson) #238

Yeah… I was getting flack for not putting anything in there, so I put something in there. :dark_sunglasses:

(Kielkaiser) #239

24° model, the waste bin

(Zachary Hixson) #240

24 - Waste Bin

(Juansu4rez) #241

Hello everyone, this is my day 24 entry, Waste Bin.

(sirkitree) #242

Day 25: Bowl of Fruit

(Kielkaiser) #243

25° model, a bowl with fruits